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Partners in Flight Technical Series  

The Partners in Flight Technical Series is designed to facilitate distribution in a timely manner of documents that PIF considers to be of significant value to the bird conservation community. All Technical Series papers are peer reviewed, receiving at least a thorough internal review by the Partners in Flight Science Committee; some manuscripts may also be sent out for additional peer review by other experts. The Science Committee encourages authors of PIF Technical Series papers also to include similar data and ideas in submissions to more traditional peer-reviewed journals.

1.  The Five Elements Process: Designing Optimal Landscapes to Meet Bird Conservation Objectives

2.   High Priority Needs for Range-wide Monitoring of North American Landbirds

Appendix 1 Excel file from Monitoring Needs document

3.   Partners in Flight Handbook on Species Assessment (Version 2012)

      Earlier ARCHIVE versions

4.   Making Connections for Bird Conservation: Linking States, Provinces & Territories to Important Wintering and Breeding Grounds

5.   Handbook to the Partners in Flight Population Estimates Database, Version 2.0 (2013)

      Earlier ARCHIVE version

Last updated 12/06/2013

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