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PIF Research and Monitoring Needs

Partners in Flight Monitoring Needs Assessment Summary (2009)

Partners in Flight Research Needs Assessment Summary (2009)

PIF Bird Conservation Needs Assessment - McAllen 2008

High Priority Needs for Range-wide Monitoring of North American Landbirds new icon
(companion document to PIF North American Landbird Conservation Plan, indicating the monitoring programs that would best address the needs of each species, with a downloadable table for easy sorting)

PIF Continental Watch List Species Research & Monitoring Needs
(species accounts for the 100 Continental WatchList species, with priority research and monitoring needs extracted from PIF regional plans and other sources)

PIF Research & Monitoring Needs Database Search Form
(searchable database with research and monitoring needs extracted from PIF regional plans)

National Action Needs for Canadian Landbird Conservation
(species accounts with priority research and monitoring needs of species occurring in Canada)

Last Updated: 03/01/2012

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