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Last Updated: 12/23/2015

Partners in Flight – U.S. Contacts

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PIF National Coordinator: Terry Rich (FWS) terry_rich@fws.gov

PIF Council:

PIF Council Chair: Jerome Ford (FWS) jerome_ford@fws.gov

PIF Council Members

PIF Steering Committee

PIF Steering Committee Chair: John Alexander (Klamath Bird Observatory) jda@KlamathBird.org

PIF Steering Committee Co-Chair: Laurel Barnhill (FWS) Laurel_Barnhill@fws.gov

PIF National Committees

1. PIF State Committee (same as AFWA PIF Working Group)

PIF State Committee Chair: Sara Schweitzer (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) sara.schweitzer@ncwildlife.org

PIF State Contacts

2. PIF Federal Agency Committee

PIF Federal Agency Committee Chair: Chris Eberly (DoD) ceberly@dodpif.org

PIF Federal Agency Coordinators and Contacts

U. S. Geological Survey PIF Coordinator

Janet Ruth janet_ruth@usgs.gov

National Park Service PIF Liaison

Glenn Plumb glenn_plumb@nps.gov

Bureau of Land Management PIF Coordinator

Geoffrey Walsh Geoffrey_Walsh@blm.gov

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service PIF Coordinator

Terry Rich terry_rich@fws.gov

Department of Defense PIF Coordinator

PIF National Representative Chris Eberly ceberly@dodpif.org

PIF Federal Point of Contact L. Peter Boice l.p.boice.civ@mail.mil

USDA Forest Service

Douglas "Sandy" Boyce daboyce@fs.fed.us

Environmental Protection Agency

Myra Price Price.Myra@epamail.epa.gov

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Terrell Erickson Terrell.Erickson1@wdc.usda.gov

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Rich Fischer Richard.A.Fischer@usace.army.mil

U.S. Department of State

Antoinette Condo condoaj@state.gov

3. PIF Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Committee

PIF NGO Committee Chair: David Pashley (ABC) dpashley@abcbirds.org

4. PIF Industry Committee

PIF Industry Committee Chair: Henning Stabins (Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.) henning.stabins@plumcreek.com

PIF International Science Committee

U.S. Co-Chair: Ken Rosenberg (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) kvr2@cornell.edu

Canada Co-Chair: Peter Blancher (Bird Studies Canada) Peter.Blancher@ec.gc.ca

Mexico Co-Chair: Eduardo Iñigo-Elias (Cornell Lab of Ornithology eei2@cornell.edu

PIF Technical Working Groups

1. PIF International Working Group

PIF International Working Group Chairs

Carol Beidleman BeidlemanC@aol.com

Jose Manuel Zolotoff-Pallais (Fundacion Cocibolca) zolotoff@ibw.com.ni

2. PIF Research Working Group

PIF Research Working Group Chair:Janet Ruth (USGS) janet_ruth@usgs.gov

3. PIF Monitoring and Inventory Working Group

PIF Monitoring and Inventory Working Group Co-Chairs

C.J. Ralph (U.S. Forest Service) cjralph@humboldt1.com

John Alexander (Klamath Bird Observatory) jda@KlamathBird.org

4. PIF Communications Working Group and PIF Education Working Group

The Bird Education Alliance for Conservation (BEAC) is functioning in the role of these 2 working groups.

BEAC Chair: Ashley Dayer (Cornell University) aad86@cornell.edu

PIF Regional Working Groups

1. PIF Northeast Working Group

PIF Northeast Working Group Chairs

Randy Dettmers (FWS) Chair randy_dettmers@fws.gov

Gwen Brewer (MD DNR) Vice Chair gbrewer@dnr.state.md.us

PIF Northeast Working Group Website

2. PIF Southeast Working Group

PIF Southeast Working Group Co-Chairs

Troy Wilson (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) troy_wilson@fws.gov

Michael Seymour (Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries) mseymour@wlf.la.gov

Southeast PIF Website

3. PIF Midwest Working Group

PIF Midwest Working Group Chair

Brad Jacobs (MO DOC) Brad.Jacobs@mdc.mo.gov

4. PIF West Working Group

PIF West Working Group

Jaime Stephens (Klamath Bird Observatory) jlh@klamathbird.org

PIF West Working Group Website

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