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North American Bird Species Accounts

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There are multiple resources available that provide information about the life history, ecology, and effects of management practices on North American bird species. We provide links to the following:

(1) The Birds of North America (BNA) species accounts are available online through Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Otherwise they are commonly available as hard copies in libraries. We provide the BNA account number for each North American species. For most species, we provide a link to the related Cornell All About Birds species account, which provides basic information about the species as well as a link to the BNA. Where there is not an All About Birds species account for a species (and therefore not a link to the BNA account), we have provided a link to the Cornell Neotropical Birds site when it is available and pertinent. There are a few species for which there are not links, but you can access the BNA elsewhere.

For more information on Birds of North America Online visit

(2) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has produced various sources of species information to which we have linked. These include Species Status Assessments, focal species accounts, endangered species accounts, etc.

(3) A series of literature syntheses on the effects of management practices on grassland birds has been produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC).

(4) Other sources - Where we are aware of additional sources of species information, we have provided these as well.

Click HERE for an Excel spreadsheet providing links to available species accounts as described above. For the Cornell BNA, USFWS, and NPWRC columns, a "YES" in the field indicates a link to a species account. In the other columns, the source of the information is provided as a text/link.


Date Modified: 12/10/2015

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