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Physiographic Areas Plans

Partners in Flight Physiographic Areas Shown on Map of US, part of Canada and Alaska
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01 Subtropical Florida
02 Peninsular Florida
03 South Atlantic Coastal Plain
04 East Gulf Coastal Plain
05 Mississippi Alluvial Valley
06 Coastal Prairies
07 South Texas Brushlands
08 Oaks and Prairies
09 Southern New England
10 Mid Atlantic Piedmont
11 Southern Piedmont
12 Mid Atlantic Ridge and Valley
13 Southern Ridge and Valley
14 Interior Low Plateaus
15 Lower Great Lakes Plain
16 Upper Great Lakes Plain
17 Northern Ridge and Valley
18 St. Lawrence Plain
19 Ozark-Ouachita Plateau
20 Boreal Hardwood Transition
21 Northern Cumberland Plateau
22 Ohio Hills
23 Southern Blue Ridge
24 Allegheny Plateau
26 Adirondack Mountains
27 Northern New England
28 Spruce-Hardwood Forest
30 Aspen Parklands
31 Prairie Peninsula
32 Dissected Till Plains
33 Osage Plains
34 Central Mixed-grass Prairie
36 Central Shortgrass Prairie
37 Northern Mixed-grass Prairie
38 West River
39 Northern Shortgrass Prairie
40 Northern Tallgrass Prairie
42 West Gulf Coastal Plain
44 Mid Atlantic Coastal Plain
53 Edwards Plateau
54 Rolling Red Plains
55 Pecos and Staked Plains
56 Chihuahuan Desert
62 Southern Rocky Mountains
64 Central Rocky Mountains
66 Sierra Nevada
69 Utah Mountains
80 Basin and Range
81 Mexican Highlands
82 Sonoran Desert
83 Mojave Desert
84 Mogollon Rim
85 Mesa and Plains
86 Wyoming Basin
87 Colorado Plateau
89 Columbia Plateau
90 Central and Southern California Coast and Valleys
93 Southern Pacific Rainforests

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