What Is Partners In Flight?

logo-transparentPartners in Flight is a dynamic and welcoming network of more than 150 partner organizations throughout the Western Hemisphere engaged in all aspects of landbird conservation, from science, research, planning, and policy development to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach. We collaborate to protect landbirds through strategic monitoring and assessment tools, and development of priority species lists, conservation plans, maps, and databases that facilitate cross-border cooperation among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Our strategic goals remain unchanged since 1990:

  • Maintain healthy bird populations, in natural numbers, in healthy habitats and ecosystems;
  • Keep species from becoming threatened or endangered through proactive measures and science-based planning;
  • Promote full life-cycle conservation of migratory birds throughout the Western Hemisphere; and
  • Promote the value of birds as indicators of environmental health and human quality of life.

Cerulean Warbler © Robert Royce

PIF partners are dedicated to PIF’s simple, proactive mission: Keeping common birds common and helping species at risk through voluntary partnerships.