About This Site

Welcome to the new Partners in Flight website, Phase I. We are proud of the newly revised Landbird Conservation Plan and have chosen to reveal Phase I of the new site so we can immediately distribute the plan to you and all our partners.

Here you will find a download of the Plan, background and purpose of PIF, contacts, and the updated PIF Watch List.

Much of the content from the old PIF website will be unavailable until Phase II is completed and released (date to be determined).  We realize many of our partners regularly use and link to this content so we ask for your patience as we transition to Phase II.

Many of our documents are readily available on the internet. Should you need something immediately, try searching the internet or contact the U.S. PIF coordinator, Bob Ford.

How you can participate


Partners in Flight is an entirely volunteer network that relies on the generous support of partner organizations. We invite you to participate in building our new web site by sponsoring a “Partners Page” that features all the great work your organization or agency does for bird conservation. For more information on how to become a PIF Website Sponsor, contact the U.S. PIF coordinator, Bob Ford.

Photo Credits:

Home page: COVER: American Redstart by Melissa Groo. SIX WATCH LIST SPECIES: Black Swift by Alan Schmierer, Bendire’s Thrasher by Tim Mitzen; Yellow-billed Magpie by Brian Sullivan; Allen’s Hummingbird by Alan Krakauer; Scaled Quail by Laura Kammermeier; Pinyon Jay by Earl Horn. PLAN ELEMENTS: Pinyon pine near Grand Canyon, courtesy Grand Canyon National Forest; Woman birding © Laura Kammermeier; Prothonotary Warble© Laura Kammermeier. CONSERVATION ACTION: Chestnut-collared Longspur courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, public domain.

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